Toys foster social, emotional, muscle and speech development. They also enhance curiosity and imagination.

•Social Interaction - thoughtfulness to others, making friends, cooperation, and independence.
•Emotional Interaction- problem solving, emotional control, logical thinking.
•Muscle Development- sensory development, eye and hand coordination.
•Speech Development - reading, language, music and arts.​​


Along with the very positive implications that toy giveaways convey - there are also those very tangible and emotional instances that can impact a child's life. There are times when the only comfort or solace that a child can find comes from a special toy or plaything.

Testimony - Lynn Fitzgerald / Founder

TurnAround Toys was founded by Lynn Fitzgerald in 2008. Lynn came up with the idea for TurnAround Toys after overcoming many challenges living in the foster care system during her adolescent years. Her toys and stuffed animals were her safety, comfort and constant that she could rely upon.  Toys are an essential part of childhood because they provide comfort but they also help with motor skills, enhance learning and sharing. Most kids today have an abundance of toys so Lynn also wanted to find a way to give these extra toys to disadvantaged children who don't have many (or any) toys at all. 

In the early days of TurnAround Toys, Lynn grew the organization mainly by word of mouth and 'pounding the pavement' asking for monetary donations and other gifts. As the organization grew, Lynn wanted to take the organizations efforts further by working to promote childhood literacy through a "Reading Buddy Program" involving the donated toys. Literacy is a major factor in helping break the cycle of poverty. The Reading Buddy Program literacy program is just one more way to we can help make these children's lives better.