The purpose of Turnaround Toys is to provide toys to the economically disadvantaged children of Charlotte, Monroe, and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina. Turnaround Toys is a concept that is funded by the community and allows the community to be regularly involved. Families, individuals, groups and corporate sponsors donate new or gently used toys to Turnaround Toys, we then, distribute free of charge, everything that has been collected to the most poverty stricken and needy children of Charlotte. This distribution will include institutions such as shelters, churches, as well as government housing complexes. 


The plan is to eventually expand our distribution areas to others states, and then to developing countries. Turnaround Toys is a simple concept that requires no financialobligation in order to participate. To give a toy could mean you are giving a child the

ability to dream and use their imagination which could lead to them becoming a Pastor, Teacher or President.

    It is a travesty for children to not have the ability to change their position in life, but when given love through being presented a toy, it could possibly change their destiny. Toys provide a tangible reminder that someone loves and cares for them. Memories of receiving toys as a child could foster and encourage a principle of giving which will manifest itself as that person becomes an adult.

    The values that guide Turnaround Toys are stated in Proverbs 19:17 states "He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and he will reward him for what he has done". Turnaround Toys is a conduit for the promise given by God for those that follow his commands. Give and it will be given to you. Every man, woman, and child -- even the poor have something to give. Turnaround Toys is an organization that helps people and an community to receive their reward or blessing from God and gives them the opportunity to reach people, families and communities that might have been forgotten about or only thought of at Christmas time.

Disaster Outreach 

This program is to offer aid and comfort to children and their families that have been displaced due to famine, natural disasters or conflict. We have increasingly supported victims of fire, storms and other catastrophes through the distribution of clothing, bedding, furniture, school supplies and personal care and hygiene items. Turn Around Toys is fully committed to provide humanitarian aid to people in crisis throughout NC.

Christmas Boxes

Every year Turnaround Toys hosts a community toy give-away in Union County N.C. We receive tremendous support and have an awesome time with area children and adults. 

This program is for children across the United States that are in need of toys for Christmas. Turn Around Toys has a 2 step application process for parents to complete to receive Toys. Each child in the house will receive a box of toys just for them. Turn Around Toys has sent over 500 boxes in 3 years.

Staple Events

Turn Around Toys has many staple events throughout the calendar year. Some of these include: Biggest Birthday Party Ever at Christmas time, School's Out Summer Pool Party, Last Day of School Party, Spring/Easter event, and Mother's Day. Each event consists of children having a 4 hour party with stations of crafts, face-painting, balloons, games and physical activity. Each child will shop at the end of the event for a toy, book, and stuffed animal of their choice to take home.